Contemporary Landscapes

Horizons, LAX & Jets

My studio in Manhattan Beach affords me a bird’s eye view of the planes queuing to land at LAX. To observe the majestic planes gracefully descending upon our jeweled coast gives me a visceral sense of the connectedness of our world. Daytime color and fine detail drop away in the night sky. Each painting becomes all about capturing the mood of the moment and expressing the subtle light of the late hour; the basic horizon of the Southern California coastline; the PCH with its back drop of buildings; the Santa Monica Mountains as further backdrop, a haunting barely visible gray blur in the nighttime landscape. Every night presents a new and glittering night sky. Every night delivers new hopes and dreams via visitors or returning residents, each committing, however fleeting, to the City of Angels.  A Raymond Chandler quote comes to mind: “I was as hollow and empty as the spaces between the planes in the night sky." These painting celebrate the expansiveness of the night sky, an expansiveness as vast as any California dream.

Water Series

A serene mist wraps around these almost abstract ocean oil paintings. There is such a broad range in their color palette and mood that they can add a finishing touch to almost any room. (Interior decorators particularly love the minimal horizons.) When I first arrived in Malibu in 1996, I was so captivated by the sublime scenery and pure color of California that my paintings ended up being a personal travelogue of my favorite sites along the coast — from Neptune’s Net at the County Line to the hidden coves of Laguna Beach. These paintings are records of my many days spent at the beach — in Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan Beach and Malibu. As I capture some of the ocean’s million moods, I hope you can feel the wind and taste the salt.